Bringing Like Minded People Together

Updated: Mar 2

Reaching out through the Bloundation grow forum

First big thing I want to set up for this group is an event/gathering April 15th-May15th time frame. As far as location we are looking into the area or surrounding area of Jackson Michigan! Some gifts at the door from I'm going to welcome vendors and recreational growers first of course, but there's no bad vibes in the Buds world, that's not how we grow-at-it! All of our Local Big Grow Ops are very welcome. The Bloundation is based off of individual at home Recreational Growin first, we can all rub elbows, and I am all for Big Grows wanting to hire an at home Rec Grower, that decision comes down to the grower and that's what this is all about!! BBQ MUSIC VENDORS smoke in the air, that's how we grow-at-it

I will keep everyone updated!

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