@ Jackson Speedway, Jackson Michigan

A festival open to the public 21yrs and older, live music food and fun! 150+ cannabis retailer booths, special V.I.P guest speakers, door prizes and fireworks show!!! Attendance expected from north of the Mighty Mack all the way to our southern border and neighbouring states!! Keep checking in as details are still developing!!


The Bloundation focuses on all areas in the newly developing fields of Recreational Marijuana, starting in the area of Indoor Recreational Growing. Expectations of strain and seed development geared towards high potency and premium quality buds and extracts. Research and development on specific terpene profiles to categorize product based on effects and healing qualities. R&D includes and not limited to the processes of germinating, caretaking, cloning, breeding, processing and storing of product, making various types of alternative use products, etc.         
recreational consumption is also a very high interest here. With a main focus on Atmosphere, areas for like minded people to safely gather and enjoy consumption and comforts outside the home. Promotional events with the intentions of providing doorways for others to pursue the newly growing industry just recently welcome to us. To help build a trustworthy and strong relationship within the community, more than just a normalized relationship, one as a friend. The community thought extends as far as agricultural supply stores, apparel  products and accessories, grants, or funds to accredited establishments of common interest. 


As a Recreational Grower in the South Eastern Michigan area, I attribute my reputation and character to the lasting relationships that will develop throughout the years. Explore the rest of the site to learn more about the Bloundation, and get in touch with any questions. is here for you.

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